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Find The Best Quality Of Paint Tools For Your Kitchen

What’s the meaning of getting a good value? It is when you want to paint your home or even do kitchen renovations and need to buy paint tools with high quality then you don’t need to pay as much as you expected. If you live in Perth, you know that is hard to find paint stores Perth that sale premium quality product with affordable price. Therefore discovery painting comes here to solve your problem. Since 2005, discovery painting always giving the best value for painting tools to our customers.

Paint Stores Perth

From the first began trading we have learned a lot about our customers and painting industry as well. Some of our customers are professional painters Perth who keep coming to our stores to find the best quality paint brushes and roller frames. They believe every great paint job starts with the good quality of paint tools.

Today discovery painting makes your job much easier. Now you can get everything that you need at one convenient online location. Discovery painting makes it easy to find the premium quality of painting supplies with affordable price. We only offer a top brand of painting tools like Harris Brushes and Express Rollers.

Harris has been offering a range of painting products for almost 90 years. Discovery painting is proud to have exclusive rights to offers product of Harris Brand to our customers in Australia. Because of their uncompromising quality therefore they become the number 1 brand of paint brushes in the UK. Every brush is made with the finest natural bristles and it combined with the high-performance synthetic filaments.


Find The Best Quality Of Paint Tools For Your Home | Australian Kitchen

Harris Taskmaster® 3 brush set

Photo by Discovery Painting


Express rollers are family-owned that sells painting accessories to retails in so many locations in Australia. Their products are made from premium lambswool that make it become the best paint rollers on the market.

Find The Best Quality Of Paint Tools For Your Home | Australian Kitchen

Express Rollers Superior Microfiber Roller Cover

Photo by Discovery Painting

Paint Tools

Because of our consistency of selling the best quality of painting tools, discovery painting has been recognized as an award-winning decorating and painting company in Australia. We are proud to offer our service and painting accessories around the Australia. Our top quality product and affordable painting tools will sure make you satisfy; we dedicated ourselves to provide the best quality of painting tools in Australia.

Discovery painting can provide every painting tool that you need in one online order. We offer fast delivery to any region of Australia, and we offer one-day delivery as well for Perth area. Contact us today to get the best quality of painting tools with a quick delivery. Or you can stop at our store location at unit 5/57 Prosperity Ave, Wangara WA, 6065 Australia