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Transforming Your Kitchen through Resurfacing Innovations

Kitchens, compared to other spaces in your home is one of the most frequented. This is because lots of activities take place here and some homeowners have moved their study desks to the kitchen! What all this means is that the kitchen surfaces may end up being scratched, worn out, and even discolored from overuse. For this reason, kitchen resurfacing is an absolute must if you want to retain the luster and attractiveness your kitchen had right from the start. Resurfacing kitchen is the solutions for you to fix your scratched kitchen surface.

Resurfacing Kitchen - Kitchen Resurfacing Perth | Australian Kitchen

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Kitchen Resurfacing Perth

The main decision homeowners in Perth face when it comes to planning their kitchen renovations is whether to simply spruce it up or do a total overhaul. Bearing in mind that doing replacements can cost so much, many homeowners go for kitchen resurfacing.

Resurfacing entails giving your cabinets a facelift that transforms their texture, style, and overall look without pushing you over in terms of cost and hassle. Gutting and replacing cabinets can be an expensive ordeal costing as much as 50% of the overall kitchen renovation budget.

One of the common questions homeowners ask is, what options do I have when doing kitchen resurfacing? There is no straightforward answer to this because of the many options and innovations in this industry. However, based on our experience, there are 3 main choices you can opt for.

Resurfacing Kitchen - Kitchen Resurfacing Perth | Australian Kitchen

image credit by www.westcoastresurfacing.com.au

Stone Effect Finishing

This is our signature product and overtime, it has exuded resilience, durability, and toughness. If you are concerned that your kitchen benchtop resurfacing is vulnerable to impacts and scratches, a stone effect finish will take care of that. It is quality, low cost, and easy to clean even with soap and water. Unlike the real stone finish, stone effect doesn’t require any reconditioning or sealing.


If you want to brighten the appearance of your cabinets, this kitchen cabinet resurfacing option is for you. The only problem with it is that it may not serve you for a much longer period compared to the stone effect finishing. However, it comes in lots of design options which means you can change the theme of your kitchen with ease.

Wood Veneers

This kitchen cabinet resurfacing option consists of real wood. It allows you to transform your cabinets with different wood types depending on your preferences. You can also buy the wood veneers with adhesive already applied making it easier for you to stick it on your surfaces.

When looking for value in kitchen benchtop resurfacing or kitchen cabinet resurfacing, going for stone effect finishing will assure you of a lengthened lifespan for your countertops.