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Child Contact Services Perth

Perth Family Contact Service is child contact service providers specialize in creating and facilitating a safe environment between a child and the attending non-custodial parents. Our skilled professionals supervise the complete environment while the meetings take place to maintain a stress-free, safe and healthy environment for the non-custodial parents and the child. Our supervisors mainly aim at creating a balanced and positive environment. We provide the best services for family management and focused to determine and resolve the issues on the client’s end. The environment created by the agency is safe, reliable, child-focused, and completely neutral for both the parties. The visits are usually made by any family members or non-custodial parents who do not permanently reside within the provinces under supervision by our specialized staff.

child contact services

Each client’s requirements are adequately addressed in an expedient manner. The services offered are cost-effective and serve to be of immense benefit to the parents and the child to maintain welfare. Our services are operated on strict principles that allow adequate space for the parent and the child to come and bond together during the meeting so that a stable and healthy relationship between both the parties can be achieved.  Some of the services that we offer are listed below.

We screen and examine the case history of the parents before enrolling them to join and be a part of the family service programs that we conduct. We perform a detailed screening by conducting a meeting based on which we determine the situations a parenting and calculate the associated risks. On analyzing the total scenario we readily address and communicate our decisions along with the needs that match the condition of the child.

Our supervised visits are conducted under observations of our skilled staff where a non- custodial parent meets the child in a healthy environment. Our children and family services Perth facilitates handovers in a safe environment or any desired location on mutual agreement of both the parties where the meetings take place under the supervision of our trained professionals. Our staff provides supervision throughout the meetings starting initially from the beginning till the end of the complete scenario.

Some of the locations where the meetings are generally made are shopping malls, public car parking, libraries and similar other relevant public places. We focus and regulate towards establishing a healthy and happy family moment that leaves a smile on both the faces at the end of each meeting.